30 years of CREDIT expertise
brought together
in a single tool

Cretix does 'guide' a credit limit request from start to finish, it automatically uploads data from major information suppliers, evaluates the risk concerned, use several scoring models, is able to compare one debtor against the average within the industry, has a process enabler, and can be adapted to fit the criteria of its client.

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Why Cretix?

  • Minimize risks

    A proven track record, showing a reduction in losses on credit, year on year, feeling on top of all developments, able to respond quickly to crisis situations, separate the best from the worst performers on any given criteria and much more ...
  • Highly customizable

    Automates the risk assessment process, several scoring models currently included, able to fit in with or in addition to other major tools used, 'sync' with most ERP systems and can be adapted to fit the criteria of its client and/or industry.
  • Maximize profit

    Less time spent on prospects with high-risk profiles, thus Sales can focus on those which ad true value. Risk is automatically assessed so the analyst can concentrate on that what really matters and by only using the essentials of the available credit information (via auto-download), a minimum is spend!